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Frequently Requested Programs and Services

The following list of training seminars, courses, certificates and consulting services are among those most frequently requested by members, clients, and other regional employers. All may be customized by the GREAT Consortium’s university partners to meet specific organizational needs. 

  • Degree Completion Opportunities
  • Customized Training Programs and Services
  • Education and Training for All Levels of Employees
  • Professional Certificate Programs and Industry Certifications
  • Incumbent Worker Training
  • Human Capital Management Certification
  • Project management courses and certificate programs
  • Performance management for managers and supervisors
  • Enhanced customer service skills for technical industries
  • Internal and External Customer Skills
  • Fundamentals of Supervision
  • Leadership skills (courses and certificate programs)
  • Marketing skills for technical industries, managers and employees
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Managing Conflict and Resolving Problems
  • Occupational Safety Certification (COSS)
  • Customized Technology Training (for new applications as they emerge)
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Facilitating Meetings
  • Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers
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